Ashlee Matthews

  • Votes Earned/ % of Vote: 6,143 (51.7%)
  • Dollars Raised: $42,477.36
  • Dollars Spent on Paid Communication: $11,153.95
  • Dollar Per Democratic Vote: $$1.82 per vote

Ashlee Matthews, HD- 38, Candidate for House

Campaign website can be found here

Ashlee Matthews ran for District 38 in Salt Lake County, which includes Kearns, West Jordan and West Valley City. Ashlee served the last nine years for the Utah Department of Transportation. Her husband is a Union Pipefitter, and they have two small boys in the home. Ashlee’s campaign was focused on a working families platform, with a focus on transportation, education, and the environment.


Among the battleground races, Ashlee’s campaign was the most progressive. While her margin was not comfortable, it is strong relative to other Red-to-blue candidates. She ran direct mail and some digital ads, along with field operations. Like other candidates, she uses FundHero in her donations, which cuts off her candidacy from outside democratic groups using the more widely accepted fundraising medium, ActBlue. Her campaign needs in the future a stronger digital fundraising campaign.